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Compliance Officer

By decision of the Energy Regulatory Entity no.43, dated 15.03.2017 “On the final approval of the certification of the Electricity Transmission System Operator OST sh.a. in accordance with Article 54, point 6, of Law no. 43/2015 “On the electricity sector” and Article 9 point 6 of Directive 2009/72 / EC after obtaining the opinion of the Secretariat of the Energy Community “, the TSO is certified as an independent electricity operator. In these conditions, the TSO is obliged to respect the provisions of Albanian and European Union legislation (as far as applicable) in the field of electricity in order to guarantee the independence of the company from vertically integrated companies that perform or are engaged. in electricity generation and / or supply activities as well as avoiding discriminatory behaviors of the TSO towards other electricity market participants and network users. These commitments are reflected in the Compliance Program of the TSO sh.a. approved by decision of the ERE Board no. 103, dated 30.04.2018. The key elements of the Compliance Program in force are: Independence of the TSO from vertically integrated companies that carry out or are engaged in the activities of production and / or supply of electricity and natural gas; Avoiding discriminatory behavior of the TSO towards other electricity market participants and network users; Introduce a mechanism for the implementation of this Program and define the functional duties and responsibilities of OST employees in relation to this Program. 

Duty of the Compliance Officer, assigned by decision no.20, dated 30.05.2017 of the Supervisory Council of the TSO and decision no. 147, dated 28.09.2017 of the ERE Board, is to independently monitor the implementation and fulfillment of the points set out in the Compliance Program. The main tasks of the Compliance Officer are: continuous monitoring of the implementation of the Compliance Program; elaboration of an annual report, which defines the measures taken and to be taken for the implementation of the Compliance Program; continuous reporting to the relevant bodies of the TSO and issuing recommendations for the Compliance Program and its implementation; investigating potential or existing conflicts of interest for TSO executives and employees, providing consultations regarding the prevention of potential conflicts or the correction of existing conflicts of interest, as well as providing proposed solutions to the necessary remedial measures; inform the ERE of violations related to the implementation of the Compliance Program; instructing TSO executives and staff on the Compliance Program, its implementation and, where appropriate, proposing changes.

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