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EIC list of codes

In this session are published all types of active codes generated by our LIO office.

Objects that need to be identified are:

  • System operators, traders, producers, consumers, power exchangers, network operators, service providers, agents and many more. These objects are identified by X-type EIC codes.
  • Local networks in which metering points are located, market balance areas, control areas, etc. These objects are identified by Y-type EIC codes.
  • Points of measurement, calculation or adjustment points, etc. These objects are identified by W-type EIC codes.
  • Any object which generates or consumes energy. These objects are identified by EIC codes of type W.
  • Physical lines within the area and lines which connect neighboring commercial areas. These lines are identified by T-type EIC codes.
  • The physical or logical areas in which an identifying object or the IT system of an identifying object is or will be located. These areas are identified by V-type EIC codes.
  • Substations, they are identified by EIC codes of type A.

As Albania did not have a LIO office before, all X codes which identify market participants   registered in our country are generated by EFET (European Federation for Energy Traders). You can find the active type X codes of traders registered in our country in the PDF document provided.