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Exchanging information in an electronic way in the European Energy Market, requires a very effective scheme of common standard identification.

All the member of this market (Traders, Producers, Customers) have the possibility to operate in different areas of the market.

The system’s operators, have to exchange information between them and with other participants of the market.

Also, there are many objects that require identification for the exchange of information to be successful (tieline- t source objects, etc.). In order for all these exchanges to be realized safely then an identification scheme is definitely necessary.

ENTSO-E (European Network Transmission System Operators for Electricity) is the one that defines this unique coding scheme, and also the administrative organization that manages and maintains this identification system.

ENTSO-E has assigned to LIO’s office (local code generation offices) the task of allocating and administering EIC codes.

In Albania OST manages the LIO office, so it allocates and manages all the Albanian EIC codes. ENTSO-E has established the Official Code “54” to the local code generation office.

Which means that all EIC codes managed by OST start with the characters “54”.