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Local Code Generation Office

The central code generation office, CIO (Central Issuing Office) and the local code generation office LIO (Local Issuing Office) are responsible for registering, generating and publishing EIC codes within the energy market.

  • A local EIC code generation office is authorized by ENTSO-E to generate and administrate EIC codes for any organization / company recognized / registered in the energy market which may participate in the domestic market but also in the European internal energy market. So the LIO office can release two types of EIC codes:
  1. National
  2. International
  • The LIO office respects to a number of well-defined rules in order to provide the uniqueness of the codes it generates and the management of a list of local codes it issues. The LIO office has the right to generate and publish all types of codes (X, T, Z, V, W, A). All EIC codes issued by the LIO office of Albania start with code 54.
  • The central CIO code generation office generates and administers EC codes for LIO offices, Areas and System Operators. It also manages the central EIC code register (which contains all the codes used within the European Energy Market regarding to the codes of type X) and provides that there is no duplicate or repeated codes.

All codes related to interconnection points are generated by the ENTO-E LIO office. The CIO office is headed by ENTSO-E. ENTSO-E publishes all active international codes on its website.

List of active international EIC codes.

EIC code structure

The EIC code is a fixed-length alphanumeric code, which is organized as in the diagram shown. *Permissible characters in an EIC code are: A-Z, 0-9, “-“.